[Duel Links] Update Preview for August 2023

Update notes for the next month of Duel Links! World Championship, PVP Events, New Character Unlocks and Common Yugo W

Update notice regarding all the upcoming content in August 2023:

Early August:
1. World Championship Finals, held on 5th-6th August, will be available for spectating in-game. They will also be streamed via official streaming platforms.
2. Turbo Duel Grand Prix PVP Event will be held, where players can get the UR: Rampaging Smashtank Rhynosaber and SR: X-Saber Pashuul.
3. New set of Bingo Missions to win the ULTIMATE PRIZE OF GETTING TO SEE TOURGUIDE’S RARE SPRITE IMAGE gem rewards.


Mid August:
1. Yugo‘s unlock event reruns, this time with a brand new skill “Speedroid Gear Changer”.
2. Legacy Duels at the PVP arena will let you live through the early days of Duel Links.
3. Mission Circuit to get more rewards.


Late August
1. Z-ONE will be added to the 5ds Legendary Duelists Gate with his unlock missions, along with his event exclusive skill “Born from the Infinite”
2. New character unlock event for Alito Based on the hinted Quote).
3. Mission Research event; meet certain conditions to earn rewards.

Disclaimer: The author is a huge Yugo fan. Expect irrational praise for the banana boy.

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