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[BODE-TCG] Full Set Spoiler and World Premieres!

Especially for Bees.
BODE-EN000 Heritage of the Light (Common)
Continuous Spell
If a Monster is Ritual, Fusion, Synchro, or Xyz Summoned, while a monster with the same card type (Ritual, Fusion, Synchro or Xyz) is on the field: You can draw 1 card. You can only use this effect of “Heritage fo the Light” once per turn.

BODE-EN081 Night Sword Serpent (Common)
Level 4 WATER Reptile/Effect 500/600
If this card is sent to the GY by a card effect: You can Special Summon this card, but banish it when it leaves the field. You can only use this effect of “Night Sword Serpent” once per turn.

BODE-EN082 D.D. Assault Carrier (Common)
Level 8 DARK Machine/Effect 2500/2500
Cannot declare an attack unless you banish 1 card from your GY. If exactly 3 of your cards are banished: You can Special Summon this card from your hand. You can only use this effect of “D.D. Assault Carrier” once per turn.

BODE-EN083 Abyss Keeper (Common)
WATER Fish/Link/Effect 1500/LINK-2
2 Water Monsters
Cannot be used as Link Material the turn it is Link Summoned. If this card is Link Summoned: You can Special Summon 1 Fish monsters from your hand to your zone this card points to. You can target 1 other Fish monster you control and 1 card your opponent controls; Banish those cards. You can only use each effect of “Abyss Keeper” once per turn.

BODE-EN084 Apex Predation (Common)
If you control a Normal Summoned/Set Monster: Destroy all Special Summoned monsters on the field. Until the end of your next turn after this card is activated, you cannot Normal Summon/Set. You can only activate 1 “Apex Predation” per turn.

BODE-EN085 Beetrooper Assault Roller (Common)
Level 4 EARTH Insect/Effect 1600/1400
You can Special Summon this card (from your hand) by banishing 1 Insect monster from your GY. You can only Special Summon “Beetrooper Assault Roller” once per turn this way. Gains 200 ATK for each Insect monster you control, except this card. When this card is destroyed by battle: You can add 1 “Beetrooper” monster from your Deck to your hand, except “Beetrooper Assault Roller”. You can only use this effect of “Beetrooper Assault Roller” once per turn.

BODE-EN086 Beetrooper Light Flapper (Ultra Rare)
Level 6 WATER Insect/Effect 2000/2200
If this card is Normal or Special Summoned: You can target 2 of your “Beetrooper” monsters with different names, that are banished and/or in your GY; add them to your hand, but for the rest of your turn you cannot activate their effects, or the effects of cards with their names. When an opponent’s monster declares an attack: You can return this card to your hand, and if you do, negate that attack. You can only use each effect of “Beetrooper Light Flapper” once per turn.

BODE-EN087 Heavy Beetrooper Mighty Neptune (Ultra Rare)
Level 8 EARTH Insect/Effect 3000/3000
Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Must first be Special Summoned (from your hand) by shuffling 3 of your banished Insect monsters into the Main Deck. During the Main Phase, if this card in it’s owner’s control is destroyed or banished by an opponent’s card effect: You can Special Summon this card. You can only use this effect of “Heavy Beetrooper Mighty Neptune” once per turn. Once per turn, during the End Phase: You can target 1 other Insect Monster you control; it gains 1000 ATK.

BODE-EN088 Ultra Beetrooper Absolute Hercules (Ultra Rare)
Level 11 EARTH Insect/Fusion/Effect 4000/4000
4 Insect Monsters
After this card is Fusion Summoned, it is uneffected by other cards’ effects until the end of your next turn. At the end of the Battle Phase: You can target 1 Insect Monster with 3000 or less ATK in your GY; Special Summon it. You can only use this effect of “”Ultra Beetrooper Absolute Hercules”” once per turn.

BODE-EN089 Beetroper Descent (Ultra Rare)
Normal Spell
Special Summon 1 “Beetrooper Token” (Insect/EARTH/Level 3/ATK 1000/DEF 1000), then if you control an Insect monster with 3000 or more ATK, you can destroy 1 Spell/Trap on the field. You can only activate 1 “Beetrooper Descent” per turn.

BODE-EN090 Beetrooper Landing (Common)
Normal Spell
Fusion Summon 1 Insect Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck, using monsters from your hand or field as Fusion Material. If this card is in your GY, except the turn it was sent there: You can banish 2 Insect Monsters from your GY; Add this card to your hand. You can only use this effect of “Beetrooper Landing” once per turn.

BODE-EN091 Beetrooper Squad (Common)
Normal Trap
Tribute 1 non-Token Insect monster; Special Summon up to 1 “Beetrooper Token” (Insect/Earth/Level 3/ATK 1000/DEF 1000) for every 1000 original ATK of that tributed monster. You can only activate “Beetrooper Squad” once per turn.

Full Set List:
BODE-EN000 Heritage of the Light Common
BODE-EN001 Rokket Caliber Ultra Rare
BODE-EN002 Double Disrupter Dragon Super Rare
BODE-EN003 Swordsoul of Mo Ye Secret Rare
BODE-EN004 Swordsoul of Taia Super Rare
BODE-EN005 Swordsoul Strategist Longyuan Ultra Rare
BODE-EN006 Swordsoul Auspice Chunjun Super Rare
BODE-EN007 Incredible Ecclesia, the Virtuous Secret Rare
BODE-EN008 Icejade Acti Common
BODE-EN009 Icejade Tinola Common
BODE-EN010 Icejade Tremora Secret Rare
BODE-EN011 Ad Libitum of Despia Super Rare
BODE-EN012 Floowandereeze & Snowl Secret Rare
BODE-EN013 Floowandereeze & Robina Super Rare
BODE-EN014 Floowandereeze & Eglen Super Rare
BODE-EN015 Floowandereeze & Stri Common
BODE-EN016 Floowandereeze & Toccan Common
BODE-EN017 Floowandereeze & Empen Secret Rare
BODE-EN018 Destiny HERO – Denier Super Rare
BODE-EN019 Reptilianne Nyami Common
BODE-EN020 Reptilianne Coatl Common
BODE-EN021 Magnificent Magikey Mafteal Common
BODE-EN022 Gunkan Suship Uni Common
BODE-EN023 Gunkan Suship Shirauo Common
BODE-EN024 Penguin Squire Common
BODE-EN025 Penguin Ninja Common
BODE-EN026 Penguin Cleric Common
BODE-EN027 Starry Knight Orbitael Common
BODE-EN028 Machina Ruinforce Ultra Rare
BODE-EN029 Mimicking Man-Eater Bug Common
BODE-EN030 Lord of the Heavenly Prison Secret Rare
BODE-EN031 Fengli the Soldrapom Common
BODE-EN032 Geminize Lord Golknight Common
BODE-EN033 Undaunted Bumpkin Beast Common
BODE-EN034 Meowseclick Super Rare
BODE-EN035 Outstanding Dog Mary Common
BODE-EN036 Borreload Riot Dragon Ultra Rare
BODE-EN037 Transonic BIrd Common
BODE-EN038 Masquerade the Blazing Dragon Ultra Rare
BODE-EN039 Destiny HERO – Destroyer Phoenix Enforcer Secret Rare
BODE-EN040 Ultimate Flagship Ursatron Super Rare
BODE-EN041 Swordsoul Grandmaster – Chixao Secret Rare
BODE-EN042 Swordsoul Supreme Sovreign – Chengying Ultra Rare
BODE-EN043 Reptilianne Melusine Super Rare
BODE-EN044 Magikey Fiend – Transfurlmine Super Rare
BODE-EN045 Zoroa, the Magistus Conflagrant Calamity Secret Rare
BODE-EN046 Cupid Pitch Common
BODE-EN047 Magikey Spirit – Vepartu Super Rare
BODE-EN048 Gunkan Suship Uni-class Super-Dreadnaught Super Rare
BODE-EN049 Gunkan Suship Shirauo-class Carrier Common
BODE-EN050 Borrelcode Dragon Ultra Rare
BODE-EN051 Evil★Twin’s Trouble Sunny Ultra Rare
BODE-EN052 Heavy Interlock Super Rare
BODE-EN053 Swordsoul Emergence Ultra Rare
BODE-EN054 Swordsoul Sacred Summit Super Rare
BODE-EN055 Branded in High Spirits Super Rare
BODE-EN056 Icejade Cradle Super Rare
BODE-EN057 Branded in Red Super Rare
BODE-EN058 Floowandereeze and the Magnificent Map Ultra Rare
BODE-EN059 Floowandereeze and the Unexplored Winds Super Rare
BODE-EN060 Reptilianne Ramifications Super Rare
BODE-EN061 Reptilianne Recoil Common
BODE-EN062 Magikey Battle Common
BODE-EN063 Royal Penguins Garden Common
BODE-EN064 Sonic Tracker Common
BODE-EN065 Sunvine Sowing Super Rare
BODE-EN066 Ursarctic Drytron Common
BODE-EN067 Supernatural Danger Zone Super Rare
BODE-EN068 Night Flight Common
BODE-EN069 Small World Secret Rare
BODE-EN070 Magical Cylinders Common
BODE-EN071 Detonation Code Common
BODE-EN072 Swordsoul Assessment Common
BODE-EN073 Swordsoul Blackout Common
BODE-EN074 Floowandereeze and the Dreaming Town Super Rare
BODE-EN075 Floowandereeze and the Scary Sea Super Rare
BODE-EN076 Break the Destiny Common
BODE-EN077 Magikey Locking Common
BODE-EN078 Stained Glass of Light and Dark Super Rare
BODE-EN079 Giant Starfall Common
BODE-EN080 Laundry Trap Common
BODE-EN081 Night Sword Serpent Common
BODE-EN082 D.D. Assault Carrier Common
BODE-EN083 Abyss Keeper Common
BODE-EN084 Apex Predation Common
BODE-EN085 Beetrooper Assault Roller Common
BODE-EN086 Beetrooper Light Flapper Ultra Rare
BODE-EN087 Heavy Beetrooper Mighty Neptune Ultra Rare
BODE-EN088 Ultra Beetrooper Absolute Hercules Ultra Rare
BODE-EN089 Beetroper Descent Ultra Rare
BODE-EN090 Beetrooper Landing Common
BODE-EN091 Beetrooper Squad Common
BODE-EN092 Flip Frozen Common
BODE-EN093 Bravedrive Common
BODE-EN094 Rebuildeer Common
BODE-EN095 Threshold Borg Common
BODE-EN096 Cynet Crosswipe Common
BODE-EN097 Danger! Disturbance! Disorder! Common
BODE-EN098 Bayonet Punisher Super Rare
BODE-EN099 Cynet Cascade Common
BODE-EN100 Elemental HERO Stratos Starlight Rare



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