Enjoy the Splendor of Fall with “Autumn Leaves of Blisstopia” [RD/KP15]

I too like high contact sports in my autumn season, fellow human person.

RD/KP15-JP053 透幻郷の錦綉 Tougenkyou no Kinshuu (Autumn Leaves of Spectral Shangri-La/Autumn Leaves of Blisstopia)
Field Spell Card
[REQUIREMENT] Place 1 Wyrm monster from your GY on the top of your Deck.
[EFFECT] While this card is face-up in a Field Zone, face-up Wyrm monsters gain 300 ATK and their attacks pierce.

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2 thoughts on “Enjoy the Splendor of Fall with “Autumn Leaves of Blisstopia” [RD/KP15]

  • November 5, 2023 at 5:35 am

    The Requirement is “Place a Wyrm on the Top of your Deck” not shuffle it in.

  • November 5, 2023 at 11:28 am

    I was wrong – turns out card 53 is an Asana card. Since Asaka’s cards were before Rovian and Romin’s, and Romin was immediately after Rovian (which I interpreted to have meant any Asana cards would have been after Asaka but before Romin), I never saw this coming. I’m still glad it’s here though.
    We finally have the autumn version of Blisstopia, fitting for this set’s mid November release. It has a ridiculously easy activation requirement, as Wyrm loves milling their Deck and having specific card types (especially Wyrm monsters and Field Spells) in their GY anyway. Demolition Survey and Ashiba Bikke can set up the requirement, while DS, Hell Met, and Weal and Woe can add this card if milled accidentally from your GY to your hand. Most importantly, you can place whatever Wyrm you need from your GY to the top of your Deck, and either continue your combos this turn or set up for your next turn.
    This card solves a huge issue for Wyrm Excavator specifically, granting it piercing as long as you have the Field Spell out. Combos well with Phantomite and/or Darkness Blasthamut as well. Also lets you avoid having to use Constructor Sword Foreman or Pierce, two mediocre cards in the Deck. It also somewhat makes up for the relatively average ATK stats of the high leveled Wyrm monsters, letting them beat over monsters that they usually would tie or lose against. 300 ATK may not seem like much, but there are Equip Spells for other themes that only grant a similar ATK boost (+ piercing) to just one monster under a specific condition. This card is easier to use/recover and grants the effect to all Wyrms.
    The only negative of this card is that the opponent can also benefit from this, but it shouldn’t be a huge issue as the Deck likes to destroy their own Field Spells to generate advantage as well.
    Just one more card left in this set – hard to believe we are almost done. Nearly everything was revealed in just over a month.

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