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FiGPiN are making their new Yu-Gi-Oh! collection more easily available…though still tricky to find.

From November 16, FiGPiN are selling their new Yu-Gi-Oh! collection on their official site at and other retailers.

Yami Yugi

  • Price: $15.00 USD (normal)
  • Availability:
  • The glitter Yami Yugi is listed at $10,000 USD, though it would appear the true method to obtain one is through use of the FiGPiN APP on Chase Day.

Dark Magician Girl

  • Price: 15.00 USD
  • Availability:

Blue-Eyes White Dragon

  • Price: $20.00 USD
  • Availability: (sold out at time of writing) and eVend (has yet to appear or has been removed from eVend’s site at time of writing)

Joey Wheeler

  • Price unknown
  • Availability: Chalice Collectibles at Anime NYC

Seto Kaiba

Maximillion Pegasus


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