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[SDB6] Full Decklist!

Bare witness, the full decklist of  S e t s u r i


SBD6-JP001 – Yggdrago the Heavenly Emperor Dragon Tree [L] x1 (Reprint)

SBD6-JP002 – Yggdrago the Heavenly Emperor Dragon Tree x1 (Reprint)

SBD6-JP003 – Yggdrago the Heavenly Emperor Dragon Tree [R] x1 (Reprint)

SBD6-JP004 – Sigilstate Sol x1 (New)

SBD6-JP005 – Berceptacle Mani x1 (New)

SBD6-JP006 – Shrinker Shrimp x3 (Reprint)

SBD6-JP007 – Picock Hightron x3 (Reprint)

SBD6-JP008 – Reset Runner x1 (Reprint)

SBD6-JP009 – Connector Dog x1 (New)

SBD6-JP010 – Femtron x3 (Reprint)

SBD6-JP011 – Cycliptron x3 (Reprint)

SBD6-JP012 – Attron x3 (Reprint)

SBD6-JP013 – Zeptron x3 (Reprint)

SBD6-JP014 – Yoctron x3 (Reprint)

SBD6-JP015 – Particle Acceleration x1 (New)

SBD6-JP016 – Kamikaze Blade x1 (Reprint)

SBD6-JP017 – Pair Production x1 (Reprint)

SBD6-JP018 – Heavenly Protection x1 (Reprint)

SBD6-JP019 – White Foam – Bleach Motor x1 (Reprint)

SBD6-JP020 – Vicissitude of Providence x1 (Reprint)

SBD6-JP021 – Counter Bomb x1 (Reprint)

SBD6-JP022 – Great Turtle of Greed x1 (Reprint)

SBD6-JP023 – Spirit Shackles x1

SBD6-JP024 – Mystery Handcuffs x1 (new)

SBD6-JP025 – Lost Cat x1 (Reprint)

SBD6-JP026 – Quantum Hole x1 (Reprint)


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