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[OCG] “Duelist Card Case Slim”

Wider and holds more cards.

“Duelist Card Case Slim”

The “Duelist Card Case Slim” will be available for general release starting September 14th, 2019

It will be able to contain approximately up to 130 cards inserted into Duelist Card Protectors, and will be more than able to comfortably fit in Special “Large Clear” Protectors.

It also goes on sale early at the Jump Victory Carnivals happening on the 21st and 28th. (You can even pre-order it on the official website starting July 15th 2019) It’s a very much “First Come, First Serve” purchase and while supplies last for the Victory Jump Carnival.

The Duelist Card Case: 96 cm x 72 cm x 50 mm
The Duelist Card Case Slim: 101 mm x 152 mm x 41 mm

The Product includes:

1 Special Card Case
2 Rows for Cards
1 Special Separator

A regular card case is designed to hold 90 cards. A Slim is designed to hold 130 cards.

Price is 750 Yen

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