More on the New Duel Disk

The really expensive one.

It’s 1:1 Scale

It has a working Life Point Counter

It’s shiny, with zones that can fit sleeved cards, and it plays Background Music from the original TV show.

It plays BGM such as “Passionate Dulists”, “Anger of God”, “The Fang of Critias” and “Battle of the Gods”

It also can play audio clips from Kaiba from the anime, including him insulting Jounouchi.

It also comes with a Pedestal, 10 Plastic Cards, and the Duel Disk itself

The Product is released in November 2019 for 21600 Yen (close to 220 Dollars)

It has LED Lights for the Life Counter and if you place cards on the Disk, it’ll play music from the TV show and various Dialogue.

The Duel Disk begins Pre-orders on March 20th, 2019


Price is 21600 Yen.

Delivery Date is November 2019

It’s intended for consumers of Ages 15 and older

It’s a Tamashii Web Online Store exclusive item.

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