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Information on Premium Pack 2022 [OCG]

A basic rundown of what’s hip and happening.

The Box Cover, Featuring:

Grozer the Thunderclap Tyrant (side)
Puppet Pawn (top center)
Black Mamba (bottom left)
Performapal Odd-Eyes Valet (top left)
Hellfire Sleeping Beauty, Ghost Sleeper (bottom right)
Dragunity Guisarme (top right)

12 V Jump Promos Are Reprinted In Shiny Rarities

Gaia the Fierce Knight Origin
Hundred Dragon
Eda the Sun Magician
Cockathorium, the Superheavy Shining Soarer
Dragunity Guisarme
Chaos Grepher
Grozer the Thunderclap Tyrant
Zuijin of the Ice Barrier
Proxy Horse
Staysailor Romarin
Chosai the Ghost Blocker
Nowruz Elise the Dragon of Beauty and Faith”

Premium Pack 2022

Jump Festa 2022 Exclusive
15 Packs Per Box
5 Cards Per Pack
1 Box is 2500 Yen

32 Different Cards

You cannot obtain all 32 Cards with One Box

Maker: Konami

Up to 12 Boxes can be ordered online, and up to 5 can be bought in person

Premium Pack 2022 can be purchased online on the Jump Fes Store’s E-Commerce Site

It can also be bought December 18th and 19th at the Makuhari Messe convention center at the Jump Festa 2022 Official Store!




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