[MERCHANDISE] The Other Two Charmers

The Monster Collection Figures of Aussa the Earth Charmer and Wynn the Wind Charmer are available for pre-order!

Various retailers currently list the following figures for pre-order:

Aussa the Earth Charmer

  • Size: 260 mm/10.2 in. tall

Wynn the Wind Charmer

  • Size: 265mm/10.4 in. tall

Both figures are priced at ¥19800 on Kotobukyia and on average at $189.99 USD on Western sites. They will be available for pre-order until the 13th of September and are scheduled to ship at the end of March in 2024.

Some sites are also offering small figures of Archfiend Marmot of Nefariousness and Petit Dragon as pre-order bonuses with Aussa and Wynn respectively. Kotobukyia (for Japanese users only), the Crunchyroll Store, the IGN store, and BigBadToyStore all have this offer thus far.

As previously mentioned, these figures and the previously released Eria and Hiita figures are based on their appearance in the artwork of Awakening of the Possessed, so you can recreate that artwork if you collect all four Charmer figures.


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