The “Music Princess’s Dance” Will Shock And Awe! [RD/TB01]

If everyone is Wonder Fusion, then Wonder Fusion is Okay.

RD/TB01-JP033 楽姫の演舞 Gakki no Enbu (Music Princess’s Dance (Performance))
Normal Spell Card
[REQUIREMENT] If there are 5 or more WIND Warrior monsters in your GY.
[EFFECT] Shuffle material monsters from your hand and/or GY into your Deck, and if you do, Fusion Summon a WIND Warrior monster.

RD/TB01-JP021 Digisoon the Music Fiend (Reprint)
RD/TB01-JP023Ensembullfighter the Music Fiend (Reprint)
RD/TB01-JP028 Flutomahawk the Music Princess (Reprint)


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