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[OCG] World Premiere Pack 2020

The term isn’t TCG Exclusive, it’s World Premiere.

The latest booster pack “WORLD PREMIERE PACK 2020”, which is the latest in the “EXTRA PACK” series, will go on sale October 3rd 2020. This Booster Pack contains cards that premiered overseas in Booster Packs from “Rising Rampage” to “Eternity Code”. In addition, you can get new cards that were included in other overseas products.

And, during the same day, Protector Sets (Sleeve Sets) of “Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon” and “Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.” will go on sale at Konami Friendly Shops (Official Tournament Stores)

Further information on WORLD PREMIERE PACK 2020 will be in V Jump and Weekly Shonen Jump.

● Maker/KONAMI
● Release Date/October 3rd 2020
● Price/5 Cards Per Pack for each 150 Yen, 15 Packs per Box

Duelist Card Protector Set: Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon & Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
● Maker/KONAMI
● Release Date/October 3rd 2020 ※ Friendly Shop Exclusive
● Product Contents/2 Sets of 100 Protectors
● Price/1200 Yen (Sans Tax)

※ Product Specifications and Designs are Subject to Change. Thank You For Your Understanding.



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