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[YGOrg] New Site Feature

After years of tinkering, we finally have a version we’re happy with.

There’s tons of YGOrg updates in the works lately, the future looks pretty great. We’re still setting up that podcast, we’re getting quite close to the live streams starting, and Youtube Videos are at the ‘the equipment is in the mail’ phase. It took some doing but everything is funded and we’re excited to get started.

In the mean time however, we’ve finished our database of cards, and have a neat new feature for the site going forward. It won’t have anything to do with new cards, as we have to add them to the database ourselves still, but going forward, occasionally you can now hover over cards to get some information on them!

Dark Magician
Maxx “C”
Mystical Space Typhoon
Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal
Rank-Up-Magic Revolution Force
Nirvana, High Paladin

We hope to get to use this feature often, as it’s at great quality of life feature for our readers.