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Highlights from Interview with GO RUSH!! Director Kondo Nobuhiro

Look, Stranger in a Strange Land is a good entry point cliche.

• The reason for GO RUSH!! to be focused on Aliens, is Director Kondo and other staff members wanted to make sure the second show they did would still be accessible to people who haven’t heard of Yu-Gi-Oh! or Rush Duels, but they couldn’t do the same plot as SEVENS, so if the world was already familiar with Rush Duels, perhaps the best outsider who wouldn’t know about Rush Duels would be someone out of this world, a literal alien.

• There was some minor concern that the Aliens would be difficult to discern from their monsters, but Director Kondo figures with Trapigeon existing, it wouldn’t be too much of an issue.

• Yudias has a very serious but pretty upbeat personality. He came to Earth in search of something called “Rush Duel” that he was told could end the war back in his home system, the Velgar Star Cluster. … But he has no idea what Rush Duels are.

• Yudias has a strong sense of justice and a serious personality. But to go with him being an alien, he’s always going to be just a bit off to Earthlings.

• Yudias’ final design is a compromise to make him human looking enough to make Duels easy to understand with how he looks, versus an initial idea by Director Kondo to make him clearly and properly ‘not a human’ Alien.

• UTS might stand for Ultraterrasterial Trouble Solutions, but their company is actually a 町のなんでも屋さん (An Odd Jobs Business). Basically they repair or find stuff but will usually justify their business as being the actions of aliens in the first place, and is a company they inherited from their parents.

• Takeuchi Toshimitsu is responsible for the “Kids as CEO” idea, continuing off the general weirdness of SEVENS and has been a part of Yu-Gi-Oh! since the beginning.

• Yes there will be a lot of aliens.

• Director Kondo explains that Aliens might be old school, but they want to make Aliens and Cryptids (like Nessie and the Yeti) interesting again. But there is no plans for a Yeti Alien just yet.

• It’s getting harder to have mass auditions lately due to Corona, and it sounds like the Twins and Yudias’ actor were the initial audition group for the show and they pretty much “Hole in One”. Director Kondo also prefers the idea of having a younger actor who can grow into their role for these shows where the main characters are kids.

• Arthur (Yudias), Kumagai (Yuhi) and Fukushima (Yuamu) are supporting each other as a team for their performances. Director Kondo hopes that GO RUSH!! will be a good jumping off point for Kumagai and Fukushima’s careers in animated TV shows.

• A fair bit of Chupataro’s lines were ad-libbed by Shin Yuuki, their voice actor, and they managed to make “Chupa” and “Cabara” their end sentence tics.

• A goal with GO RUSH!! is to make it an easy entrance show for people who want to get into Rush Duels, so Director Kondo plans to, at least early on, very clearly explain what “Summons” and “Activating a Spell” are, so they’ll be going over in decent detail for fans who never could quite grasp what was going on in previous shows.

• Basic ideas of rules will be explained clearly, but Director Kondo also wants to ensure with a good number of Duelists in this show are aliens, that the Duels will be bizarre, and they plan to increase the variety in cards (no further explanation on this)

• Mr. Kondo plans to continue his shtick of ‘using old material’ but spinning them in a new way for the jokes in the show.

• Mr. Kondo also is hoping to do his best that those that likes SEVENS will like Go Rush!!, that it’ll be a great entry point show for anyone wanting to get into Yu-Gi-Oh! and Rush Duel, but also be a show parents and older fans will be able to enjoy.

• Deputy Director Hashimoto hopes that since GO RUSH!! has the same staff on it as SEVENS, that it’ll be an encouraging sign for returning fans as well as new fans, since it’ll have the same level of love and passion put into it as the last show.


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