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[HeroSync] HeroSync Alpha Open for Players!

On April 3rd 2019, we at Rejected Studios Gaming were happy to announce our work regarding our card game concept, HeroSync.

We have since been very active behind the scenes, working on using our client and other components to bring the game to you in full. 

We are now ready to invite you to give us some more feedback, so that we can ensure it is as enjoyable an experience as possible. 

We have built a manual client for our first demo. It will look pretty familiar to those of you who currently use Duelingbook.

This demo contains 5 Heroes’ Starter Decks for you to play with.
For our art, we are currently using our Blob Mascot as a cute stand-in, because final artworks are still in iteration – final artwork quality will look like the works featured within this article.

This adorable little fellow brings lots of sickness and pain, so don’t hug him.
You can find his final form at the end of this article, to see what we mean by final quality!


You can register for, and play on, the demo here:

You can find a written version of our rulebook here: Rulebook

You can find a video about how-to-play here: 


Lastly, we invite you to join our Discord server, where you can give us direct questions, comments, and concerns:


Will you take to battle as the Golden Knight, a paragon of virtue? 

Perhaps you side only with profit, and work within the Cult of Greed?

Be thou hell-bent on the conquest of all that lives, and will thou join the Riders as they bring despair to all? 

If revenge binds your heart, might you join Mika as she makes all those who betrayed her people pay?

If all other life is beneath you, and you live to prove it through potent proliferation of perfect poison, then might Tutaric be the madman you seek? How their stories and lore play out will be up to you, the players, through our observation of the battles you play against one another. Come join us for some great games of HeroSync!