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[PHHY] Tree Crown Armorperor Beagram

We’re gonna need a bigger fly swatter.

PHHY-JP021 Jukan no Koutei Beagram / Tree Crown Armorperor Beagram
Level 9 EARTH Insect {Special Summon} Effect Monster
ATK 3400
DEF 2800
Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Must be Special Summoned (from your hand or GY) by banishing 3 Insect and/or Plant monsters from your hand and/or GY. You can only Special Summon “Tree Crown Armorperor Beagram(s)” once per turn.
(1) Your opponent cannot activate monster effects in response to the activation of your Spell/Trap Cards and effects.
(2) Once per turn: You can destroy all face-up monsters on the field, except Insect and Plant monsters, also this card cannot attack directly this turn.

Note: Armorperor because Koutei (Emperor) has the first Kanji replaced with Armor.

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