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[SLF1] Selection 5: “Evil★Twin” At The Battle of the Bands!

It’s time to once again whale for your favorite Demon Tubers!

SFL1-JP080 Evil★Twin Lil-la (Alternate Art)

SLF1-JP100 Lil-la-Rap
Continuous Spell Card
You can only activate the effect of this card’s name once per Chain.
(1) Once per turn, if you Special Summon a monster(s) from the GY: You can make your opponent lose 1000 LP, and if they do, you gain 500 LP.


Live☆Twin Ki-sikil
Live☆Twin Lil-la
Live☆Twin Ki-sikil Forst
Live☆Twin Lil-la Treat
Evil★Twins Ki-sikil & Lil-la
Evil★Twin Ki-sikil
Evil★Twin Lil-la
Evil★Twin’s Trouble Sunny
Live☆Twin Home
Live☆Twin Channel
Secret Password
Live☆Twin Sunny’s Snitch
Evil★Twin Challenge
Evil★Twin GG EZ
Evil★Twin Present
Boo-Boo Game


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