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[TCG] Names for Ancient Guardians Themes Revealed!

Now is it Gnostic or Egyptian Ogdoad?

Then, prepare to go from classic to downright ancient! The Ancient Guardians booster set introduces a trio of brand-new strategies, and Duelists will find lots of useful returning cards to help them build Decks around the new themes. Meanwhile devoted collectors hunting the most elite cards will find plenty of Collector’s Rares, a mix of gorgeous premium versions of new cards and time-honoured favourites. Collector’s Rares were huge in last year’s Toon Chaos and Genesis Impact releases, and now you can find 15 more in Ancient Guardians.

Fans of Reptile-type strategies finally see their wishes come true with the “Ogdoadic” theme, a Graveyard-focused Reptile Deck that leverages the popular Snake Rain Spell Card. Still need your copies? You’ll find Snake Rain and lots of Reptile reprints in Ancient Guardians. If Reptiles aren’t your thing, the super-cool “Ursarctic” monsters offer a new spin on Synchro Monsters, reversing the Synchro Summoning mechanic: instead of adding up the Levels of your Synchro Materials, you’ll compare the difference between your monsters’ Levels instead! Finally, Pendulum Summons return to prominence with the musically themed “Solfachord” strategy. Better practice your scales, because the Solfachords reward you for carefully managing your Pendulum Cards, offering different perks if your Pendulum Scales are even or odd. Aspiring Pendulum Duelists have plenty of chances to get caught up, as cards like Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer and Ignister Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer get handy reprints.



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