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[Reference Art] Point of the Mysterune


Full art:


Top: “The Gungnir spear (partial view)”
Middle: “Fragment from the head of the spear (floats on top of the hand)”
Bottom: “From the top of the fragment, a skill tree appears”

Note: At the time we translated the name, the word 穂先 (tip, point, spearhead) could have been a number of different things, and we did not have any notion that this fragment came from the head of a spear. “Spearhead of the Mysterune” may be a more complete name that includes this additional lore.


“Protagonist’s hand”

Weapon Selection visualization:

Skill tree:

From top to bottom:
1) “By unlocking more and more skills, the skill tree grows larger”
2) “When selected, it glows in a bluish white (the runic characters and the icon are distinctly visible)”
3) “Locked power (does not glow)”
4) “There are runic characters engraved inside the lines”
5) “Selectable (glows faintly)”

Glove design:

Top: tickling sounds
Bottom: “The right hand has the same design”

Icon bases:

From top to bottom:
Bottom right: “And it continues”


Top right: “Level 2 sword”
Left: “[Eye Level] Matches the longitude that is also seen in other cards”
Glove: “Leather”
Bottom: “Mysterune cards are mostly drawn in a first person perspective”


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