[Rush Duel] Some Generalized News

Review of the past, and known info for upcoming products,

Reminder the Maximum Ultra Power-Up Pack came out December 12th, 2020.

Magnum Over Road and Yggdrago

777 Treasure Campaign.

777 People can pull a special ticket from select packs to get a Rush Rare Special Red Version of “Super Magitek Deity Magnum Overlord”

Box Campaign, buy a box of Maximum Ultra Power-Up Pack to get a “Maximum Ultra Duel Field” that flips to either side featuring Magnum Over Road on one side and Yggdrago on the other!

Deck Modification Pack: Destined Power Destruction goes on sale February 13th 2021

Reminder, the pack has support for Mimi, Yoshio and Sushiko’s Decks.

Jinzo’s in Destined Power Destruction as a Legend!

Elementary School Kids can clear stamp rallies to get Special rubber Duel Fields featuring Yuga and Luke’s key monsters!

“Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel” will be getting an official Database in the near future!

It’s been confirmed it will have functionality with Neuron.

Q&As will be available, as will Card Lists and Deck Recipes!

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