[GO RUSH!!] Episode 70 Summary

To serve man.

Episode 70: 強襲! ファンシーケース – Kyōshū! Fanshī Kēsu
(Attack of the Closet!)

Zion, a representative of Providence, the galactic company that sells furniture for cheap, has attacked Mutsuba Town! Zion approaches Epoch about making high-power gears at an exorbitant price, scaring her with threats in the process. In order to protect Epoch, Yudias challenges Zion to a Duel!

Script: 野村祐一 || Nomura Yuichi


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One thought on “[GO RUSH!!] Episode 70 Summary

  • August 5, 2023 at 7:26 pm

    “To serve man”

    Missed opportunity to not be the phrase “In the name of Providence” or “As directed by The Providence”

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