[GO RUSH!!] Episode 19 Summary

It seems Sogetsus can never escape the ridiculous quirkiness of Nanahoshis.

Episode 19: カワイイの力 – Kawaii no Chikara?
(The Power of Cuteness?)

Yuhi and co. were going to keep Dueling in the Coruffium, but Manabu told them to not come to the Alien Residential Area. Nanahoshi Ranran, the chief of MIK, then showed up out of nowhere and declared that the lawless Alien Residential Area must be sealed off immediately! What action will Manabu take in response to Ranran?

Script: 兵頭一歩 || Hyodo Kazuho
Storyboard: 高山智也 || Takayama Tomoya
Direction: 高山智也 || Takayama Tomoya


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