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[Go Rush!!] New Character Announced


Enako, the professional cosplayer who is regularly hired for streams and events for Konami for Yu-Gi-Oh!, will be playing 魔法羊女メェ~グちゃん roughly “Magical Sheep Girl Meeeg-chan. Basically her name sounds like the bleeting of a sheep or goat in Japanese. A localization of this joke would be something like “Baaahbara” or “Baaahbie”.

Further details are about the character are not revealed.

Ms. Enako hopes to do her best playing the character.


Ms. Enako explains while she watched the show when she was younger, she never really got the rules.

It was only 4 or so years ago she got permission to officially cosplay Dark Magician Girl and the like.

She’s been studying up on the Official Card Game and the Rush Duel card game, and her favorite card is “True King of All Calamities”.

She explains Meeeg-chan so far has only done bleeting and baaahing as of the interview, and the character is apparently a Monster Card? It’s not clarified whom plays her.




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