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[GO RUSH!!] Episode 22 Summary

Look, the more incomprehensible you become, the higher your power level becomes.

Episode 22: パーロン城の女王 – Pāronjō no joō
(The Queen of Badloon Castle)

Yuhi and Yuamu enter Badloon Castle to rescue Yudias, who has been captured. In order to do that, they face off against Kirishima Rovian, the leader of the Rovian Bandits, in a 2v1 Duel. The Ohdo twins put up a good fight, but now, they must fight the Queen of Badloon Castle at her full strength.

Script: 樋口達人 || Higuchi Tatsuto
Storyboard: 橋本直人 || Hashimoto Naoto
Direction: 福元しんいち || Fukumoto Shinichi



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