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[TCG] OTS Tournament Pack 22

Giving Albaz and Despia decks a boost of reprints after the arrival of Cyberstorm Access.

3 new Ultimate Rare cards are available in OTS Tournament Pack 22!

OTS Tournament Packs are not-for-sale items provided EXCLUSIVELY to KONAMI’s Official Tournament Stores (OTS) to reward Duelists who play in their tournaments!

OTS Tournament Packs give Duelists who enter tournaments at an OTS the chance to pick up cards that are useful for newly introduced or recently revamped strategies, as well as picking up generally useful cards and foil upgrades. OTS Tournament Packs are also the home of Ultimate Rare cards, coveted by Duelists far and wide!

Thrust into action with OTS Tournament Pack 22! Introducing 3 new Ultimate Rare cards, including Branded Fusion! Summon your Fusion Monsters with flair and keep an eye out for more cards that work with Fallen of Albaz in Cyberstorm Access! The Despia/Branded strategy has many cards available in a high rarity and now you can upgrade this integral part of the Deck as well! Get ready to bling out your Deck and collect all the new Ultimate Rares in OTS Tournament Pack 22!

Set Size TBD
Official Tournament Store Launch Date 07/19/2023
Launch Date 07/19/2023
Konami Tournament Legal Date 07/19/2023
MSRP Available as a Tournament Prize or Participation Pack only

*set contents subject to change


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