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[Duel Links] April-May 2018 Update Schedule

Of events and plans to update the service.

Early April from April 5th to April 16th will be the return of the Kaiba Corp Cup.

Also in Early April will be a Duel-A-Thon to charge up your Duel Meter and receive various rewards.

Mid April will be the addition of Dr. Vellian Crowler to the Gate, after his tenure in the Special Class Event he ran.

Mid April will also be the return of Yami Marik with his “The Winged Dragon of Ra”, as well as new skils to obtain for Yami Marik.

There will also be a different reward given to those who already own The Winged Dragon of Ra.

Late April will be a repeat of Duelist Chronicles: Battle City Begins, a dice rolling event to play through the Duelist City Arc up to the end of the Possessed Joey vs Yugi Duel. It’ll be another chance for folks to claim Arkana, the Master of Magicians and his Dark Magician skill set.

Early May will also be the return of Elegant Mai, who previously appeared with Ritual and Amazoness Support.

Also, Early May will be a chance to obtain a new legendary Duelist via a Duel-a-Thon, whose Japanese Dialogue sounds very much like Syrus’ in the Japanese version of the anime.

Also Scheduled for Late April:

The Character Level Cap will increase

Popular cards will be displayed at the Deck Editor and Ranked Duels.


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