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[SBD5] Full Decklist

The Full Decklist for Roa’s Battle Deck is now known!

SBD5-001 – Royal Demon’s Heavymetal
SBD5-002 – Star Battle Knight Asbolus (NEW)
SBD5-003 – Royal Demon’s No Wave
SBD5-004 – Followl of the Fornether (NEW)
SBD5-005 – Star Battle Knight Equelculs x3
SBD5-006 – Royal Demon’s Blues x2
SBD5-007 – Royal Demon’s Shout x2
SBD5-008 – Gargoyle of the Palace
SBD5-009 – Star Battle Knight Nessoth (NEW)
SBD5-010 – Feral Imp x3
SBD5-011 – Followl of Wisdoom x3
SBD5-012 – Lone Wolf Gallium x2
SBD5-013 – Royal Demon’s Phaser x2
SBD5-014 – The Flute of Calling Daemon
SBD5-015 – Descendent of Titan
SBD5-016 – Babysitter Goat x2
SBD5-017 – Royal Demon’s Groupie x2
SBD5-018 – Evil Star’s Guidance
SBD5-019 – Kamikaze Blade
SBD5-020 – King’s Reward
SBD5-021 – Stop Defense (NEW)
SBD5-022 – Royal Demon’s Command
SBD5-023 – Royal Demon’s Live Arena
SBD5-024 – Counter Bomb
SBD5-025 – King’s Dignity
SBD5-026 – King’s Right (NEW)
SBD5-027 – Epic Demon’s Rock
SBD5-028 – Spirit Shackles


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