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[Duel Links] 2.7.0 Update Notices

Both for events and back end related stuff.

Using “De-Fusion” on “Pair Cycroid” would not bring back its Fusion Materials.

“Gilford the Lightning”, “Moisture Creature” and “Gravekeeper’s Oracle” will be corrected to not freeze with “Tribute Burial”

“Alien Kid” being unable “Paleozoics”, “The Legendary Fisherman II”, “Trifortresstops”

There will also be improvements to the Vagabond’s challenge, along with preparations for events and other new features

Konami will be discontinuing Boosted Duel Orbs due to the fact they run into overtime during maintenance, and instead implementing “Bonus Duelist”, an item that lets you Duel a quasi Standard Duelist 30 Times.

Early June:

  • Duel-A-Thon to win Daily/Cumulative Rewards
  • Duel Zane Truesdale to get new prize cards from him

Mid June:

  • Tag Duel Tournament returns, this time you’ll be Dueling with GX Characters
  • D.D. Tower appears, focusing on the DARK Attribute Dimension, and based on a Japanese description of this event, one of your enemies will be Tour Guide herself!

Late June:

  • Obtain Esper Roba as an unlockable character in a new Team Event.

Early July

  • People who missed him this time around will get a second chance to unlock Syrus.

  • A button to hide Dialogue during Duels and allow players to see cards on the field
  • Changes to the Chain Button to make it less obtuse


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