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[TCG] Paulo Prrj Gonçalves Wins 3 Consecutive Events – Interview

An unparalleled feat in the Yugioh TCG

For those out of the loop, Prrj won the 3 most recent premier events in the TCG. In a row. Starting with the 3v3 in YCS Atlanta, he won the UDS in Medellin, and then lastly the YCS in Guatemala. I had a chance to speak with him and decided I’d put a small interview with him here on the site for people. He played Sky strikers at all 3 events. He’s made a video you can check out at the end.
Firstly, his matchups at each event.

YCS 3×3 Atlanta

R1 Sky Striker
R2 Orcust
R3 Sky Striker
R4 Sky Striker
R5 Sala
R6 Orcust Zombie
R7 Sky Striker
R8 Sala
R9 Sala
R10 Sky Striker
Top16 Sky Striker
Top8 Thunder
Top4 Thunder
Final Thunder

UDS Medellin

R2 Pendllum
R3 True Draco
R4 Sky Striker
R5 Sala
R6 Sky Striker
R7 Sky Striker
R8 Sky Striker
R9 sky striker
R10 infernoid
R11 sala
R12 paleozoic
Top8 sala
Top4 sala
Final sky striker

Ycs guatemala

R3 sky strikee
R4 thunder
R5 sky striker
R6 sala
R7 lunalight
R8 Sala
R9 Sky Striker
Top32 sky striker
Top16 thunder
Top8 sky striker
Top4 sky striker
Final sky striker

For the interview questions, I’ve left his answers as-is. He is not native english, so some of it is a bit messy, but I don’t want to edit any of what he’s said for the sake of accuracy.

“Why did you choose to play Sky Striker?”
I think Striker its, by far, the best control deck in the meta and the combo options(like thunder and orcust) are not gouki-level and have some really difficult, and imo impossibles, issues to address.

“What matchups did you prepare for?”
In the YCS Atlanta 3×3 and UDS Medellin, i mainly mained for Salamangreat. For YCS Guatemala i changed a little bit and focus more on the Sky mirror, which is on the rise and was i really good decision since i played 7 out 12 matchs of Sky mirrors.

“What matchup did you most fear?”
Probably Thunder is the more uncontrollabe matchup where the actual cards matters more than a gameplan and/or gameplay.

“What changes did you make between events?”
I played the same 55 cards in all 3 events. Only changes were swaping some cards between main and side in order to improve Sky Mirror in YCS Guatemala

“How was the 3v3 format?”
I’m on E-man Games, a team from Europe. In 3×3 i played with 2 friends of mine, Michel and Hector, who play for TCG Collectables. So our team was a combination of both ! Thats why we had different outfits haha

“What changes would you make, if any?”
I try my best to not be resulted oriented. For now, i wouldnt change anything. I think the changes on the main deck on the last event were crucial for the 3rd win. Really glad i made those. Let’s see how the format shapes up in this end to see if any other change is necessary

“Favourite game of the events?”
I think the YCS 3×3 final was the most intense one. It was a team YCS, on stream, with my friends and everyone from South America was watching us! We played one of the most, if the THE most, strong team in the room (Jesse, Esala and Furman) and my match was the last one!

“Fala galera has been chanted quite a bit these last weeks, what does it mean?”
Fala galera is like “whats up guys” and i use to start my Youtube videos with that 😀