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Even More Information on the New York Art Show

Gallery 1988 has confirmed more details about the event, and Konami has posted artworks.

The New York Art Show will be held in relative conjunction with the New York Comic Con on October 3rd to 6th.

The art show will be held at “White Space Chelsea“, which is near the convention center.

White Space Chelsea is loated 555 W 25th Street, New York (City) New York, Area Code: 10001

The gallery opens at 4PM on October 3rd.

There will be a new screenprint by Dan Mumfrord, as well as Limited Edition Giclee prints of pieces from the LA Exhibit (including ones by Haste, Chet Phillips, Daria Theodora, Michael Vincent Bramley and Bennett Slater).

New Pins, Posters and T-Shirts based on favorites from the LA Exhibit will be available (including by Tom Whalen, Dan Mumford and Anthony Petrie).

Three new pieces will be on display, by Cuyler Smith, Mark Bell and Poppy Small.

Dan Mumford and Anthony Petrie will be available to do artist signings Friday evening on October 4th, 2019.

Dan Mumford will be available at 6:30pm

Anthony Petrie will be available at 7:30pm

Voice Actors will be available for Meet and Greets on Saturday (October 5th) from 2:30 to 4:30 PM

It is currently unknown what voice actors will be available on hand.

Gallery Hourse:

October 3rd & 4th (Thursday and Friday): 4 PM to 9 PM

October 5th (Saturday): 11 AM to 5 PM

October 6th (Sunday): 11 AM to 3 PM


Artworks shown by Konami Cross Media via the official Yu-Gi-Oh! Twitter Account

“Forbidden” by Michael Vincent Bramley

“Two Little Blue Little Eyes”By Bennett Slater

“Osiris the Sky Dragon” by Daria Theodora

“Spellcaster” by Chet Phillips

“Yugi Muto” by Haste


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