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[23PP] Premium Pack 2023: First Batch of Reprints

12 more confirmed reprints for Premium Pack 2023.

23PP-JP021 – Deep Sea Repetiteur

23PP-JP022 – Harpie’s Pet Dragon – Fearsome Fire Blast

23PP-JP023 – Astral Kuriboh

23PP-JP024 – Outburst Dragon

23PP-JP025 – Victorica, Angel of Bravery

23PP-JP026 – Rookie Warrior Lady

23PP-JP027 – Chronicle Magician

23PP-JP028 – Yorishiro of the Aqua

23PP-JP029 – Yakusa, Lord of the Eight Thunders

23PP-JP030 – Changshi the Spiridao

23PP-JP031 – Red-Eyes Black Meteor Dragon

23PP-JP032 – Loris, Lady of Lament



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