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[Duel Links] Superb Tea Event

The newest Duel Links event has been announced and it’s a wandering Duelist Event, with Tea as “Superb Tea”, featuring high power Fairy-Type monsters.

The event is essentially Joey’s fault for calling Tea a wimpy coward who hides behind her Spells instead of fighting head on. Tea, a Dueling amateur still, asks Mai and Ishizu advice to buff her Deck.

Duel to make Tea spawn.

Duel Missions unlock free copies of Tea’s cards from the Event.

Key focus of the event is the Sanctuary in the Sky related support cards you get from the event. (Many of which are Counter Fairies)

Basic suggested Combo is Guiding Light + Photon Booster

Unique Drops for the Evnet

  • Meltiel, Sage of the Sky (UR)
  • Zeradias, Herald of Heaven (SR)
  • Divine Punishment (SR)
  • Harvest, Angel of Wisdom (SR)
  • Radiant Jeral (SR)
  • Photon Booster (R)
  • Guiding Light (R)
  • Constellar Belt (R)
  • Wingweaver (R)
  • Tenderness (R)

Event Missions:

  • Win 1 Duel against Superb Tea: Guiding Light
  • Win 3 Duels against Superb Tea: Harvest, Angel of Wisdom
  • Win 7 Duels against Superb Tea: Zeradias, Herald of Heaven
  • Duel Superb Tea 15 Times: Meltiel, Sage of the Sky
  • Win 3 Duels against Superb Tea with Yami Yugi: Burger World Icon


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