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[OCG] Early Duelist Pack Battle City Leaks

Mostly stuff that’s probably not too interesting:

Stuff that was Unknown:
– Black Luster Soldier
– Jinzo
– Archfiend of Gilfer
– Insect Queen
– King’s Knight
– The Legendary Fisherman
– Rocket Warrior
– Lord of D.
– Curse of the Masked Beast
– Buster Blader
– Gearfried the Iron Knight
– Elegant Egotist
– Blast Sphere
– The Masked Beast
– Hysteric Party
– Time Wizard
– Jack’s Knight
– Enemy Controller
– Barrel Dragon
– Harpie Lady Sisters

Also Dark Necrofear received a text errata clarifying she only works if she dies in a Monster Zone.

Full Spoiler:

DP16-JP001 The Winged Dragon of Ra – Sphere Mode (UR)
DP16-JP002 Juragedo ®
DP16-JP003 Legion the Fiend Jester ®
DP16-JP004 Anti-Magic Arrows (UR)
DP16-JP005 Multiple Destruction (UR)
DP16-JP006 Black Luster Soldier (SR)
DP16-JP007 Black Luster Ritual
DP16-JP008 Dark Magician (SR)
DP16-JP009 Dark Magician Girl (SR)
DP16-JP010 Buster Blader ®
DP16-JP011 Archfiend of Gilfer
DP16-JP012 Jack’s Knight
DP16-JP013 Queen’s Knight
DP16-JP014 King’s Knight
DP16-JP015 Blue-Eyes White Dragon (UR)
DP16-JP016 Lord of D.
DP16-JP017 The Flute of Summoning Dragon
DP16-JP018 Enemy Controller
DP16-JP019 Crush Card Virus ®
DP16-JP020 Red-Eyes B. Dragon (SR)
DP16-JP021 Gearfried the Iron Knight
DP16-JP022 Rocket Warrior
DP16-JP023 Time Wizard
DP16-JP024 Foolish Burial
DP16-JP025 Insect Queen
DP16-JP026 Jinzo (SR)
DP16-JP027 The Legendary Fisherman
DP16-JP028 Dragged Down into the Grave
DP16-JP029 Embodiment of Apophis ®
DP16-JP030 The Masked Beast ®
DP16-JP031 Curse of the Masked Beast
DP16-JP032 Dark Necrofear ®
DP16-JP033 Lava Golem (SR)
DP16-JP034 Magical Stone Excavation
DP16-JP035 Malevolent Catastrophe
DP16-JP036 Harpie Lady Sisters
DP16-JP037 Elegant Egotist
DP16-JP038 Hysteric Party
DP16-JP039 Barrel Dragon ®
DP16-JP040 Blast Sphere
DP16-JP041 Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon
DP16-JP042 Toon Dark Magician Girl ®
DP16-JP043 Toon Gemini Elf
DP16-JP044 Toon World
DP16-JP045 Toon Table of Contents ®

Rejoice or Despair at your leisure.

Source: YouTube

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