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Dueling Network Gets Five Cool Updates!

Benefits for all!

Today DuelingNetwork is receiving a series of updates. There’s plenty planned but the ones that have been implemented range in quality and effectiveness. Some you may not care about, some are just plain awesome.

Lets start with the smallest change:

1. You can no longer enter your Main Phase 2 on turn 1 as starting player
This one helps out our administrator friends a lot more than the players, but they get a bit of assistance too. No longer questioning whether or not they can (they can’t), Bujingi Peacock will no loner see misuse. Consider this a “Bug fix”

2. Spell/Trap cards can now be placed to the Field, from the Deck.
Fire Fist players in particular will rejoice with this. Now whenever you trigger Bear, you can send the Tenki to the field face-up, ask for response, and add your monster, no longer requiring adding it to your hand and other such convoluted methods.

3. Admins can now close the Duel Over Screen
This allows Administrators to check Graveyards and other such things after a Duel concludes. This will assist them in taking calls and assisting you. Watchers still cannot close the window for plenty of reasons we won’t get into.

4. Watchers no longer time out due to inactivity
This is a big one. Now while watching a Duel, you cannot time out! As soon as the duel ends, your regular timer of 20 minutes will re-apply, and you will be timed out eventually, but no longer do you have to type in the Watchers Chat to remain logged in.

5. More Chat Commands!
In addition to “/add X” and “/sub X” where X is the number of Life Points you wish to gain or lose, DN has added “/millx” and “/banishx” which will send X number of cards (1-9 total) from the top of your Deck to the Graveyard, or banish them. This will help with the popular new Sylvans, Bujintei Kagutsuchi, all that new Lightsworn support, and other cards. Simply type the commands into the chat!

I’m particularly glad about these changes, but what do you think? Let me know in the comments below! Who knows, maybe even one of your suggestions gets through!

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