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[Duel Links] Various Items

Such as the return of the Duel-a-Thon

Rank Battles, Legendary Duelists and the Vagabond grant you 20 Points for Winning and 15 Losing, while Standard Duelists grant you 15 Points and 10 Points for winning and losing respectively.

1st Gauge: 500 Gold
2nd Gauge: 10 Neuron Orbs
3rd Gauge: 20 Gems
4th Gauge: 1000 Gold
5th Gauge: 50 Gems

250 Points: 50 Gems
600 Points: 5000 Gold
1050 Points: 50 Gems
1600 Points: 10000 Gold
2250 Points: 100 Gems
2900 Points: 15000 Gold
3550 Points: 1 Wetlands
4200 Points: 100 Gems
4850 Points: 20000 Gold
5500 Points: 100 Points

Zure, Knight of Dark World (Super Rare) is now part of the Card Flip.



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