[Duel Links] Turbo Duel Grand Prix

Shift in to turbo!!!!!

The Turbo Duel Grand Prix has returned once again. The Turbo Duel Grand Prix is a PVP event in which you duel other players in a Turbo Duels. After each duel you obtain tokens which can be used in the Lottery to obtain the New Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste and Archfiend Interceptor.

Choose a duel runner to select which EX skills your will use for your deck. Changes this time around include adding Kallen Kessler to the list of Playable Duel Runners. Kallens Duel Runner is ment for a more Earthbound Immortal approach as the effects pertain to Earthbound Immortals. Changes also include rebalancing the counters required for some speed spells.

These include:
Speed Spell – Power Force
Speed Spell – Black Rose
Speed Spell – Sector Security

Lottery Cards:
Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste
Melefic Red-Eyes Black Dragon
Dragon Queen of Tragic Endings
Archfiend Interceptor
Indomitable Fighter Lei Lei
Protector Soul Ailin
Gladiator Beast Retiari
Lunar Queen Elzaim
Different Dimension Capsule
Dark Coffin
Rhaimundos of the Red Sword
Horn Imp
Karakuri Spider
Rainbow Flower

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