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[Duel Links] Survey

Duel Links has put out a survey in-game to collect opinions and information on how to improve the game in the future.

The first page questions how experienced players are at Dueling

The second page asks whether you prefer Dueling the computer or other human beings.

The third page asks how interested you are in Player vs Player (i.e. vs. other humans)

Fourth Page asks about what sort of special events and formats you would like to see (including Tag Duels and Guild/Team PVP events)

Fifth Page asks about what kind of PVP you’d like to see if you care for nothing from Page 4.

Sixth Page asks why, if you’re in PvP but don’t play it, why you don’t play it.

Page 7 is another “Please explain for the none of the above options” page

Page 8 inquires as to why you just don’t like PvP (including lack of competitive cards, Duels are too different from real life, or lack of knowledge of how to make a competitive Deck)

Another None of the Above

Page 10 inquires what would get you into PvP, such as “Better Replays”, “Same rules as Real Life”, “Auto Duel”, etc.

None of the Above inquiry into what would get you to Duel.

What recent events interested you. (Not PvP)

Other Comments and Suggestions

Thanks for the screencaps goes to GeoTheBacon.


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