[Duel Links] Reminiscence of the Future

Oh boy more witchcraft….wait there’s no new cards here?

Reminiscence of the Future returns once again and this time we don’t get more Witchcrafter cards for some reason, instead we get Victoria and Athena. Athena is a powerful burn card that got Duel Links errata’d to only deal 300 damage when you summon a fairy instead of 600 due to the new effect damage changes. Victoria is a fairy that can be used to counter Blue-Eyes and Red-Eyes deck as it can take a dragon monster from your opponents graveyard and summon them to your side of the field.

Athena and Victoria are obtainable from dueling Tea as well as at 70k points and 2.6 million points respectively. How you obtain points is by dueling DSOD Téa Gardner and completing her special events. After completing the third special event you unlock DSOD Téa Gardner. Other things that can be obtained from obtaining points are the new Sleeves and Mats which can be seen below.

You can also obtain a new skill called Up for the Fight which is obtained on October 10th after completing the sixth special event. Up for the Fight gives all monsters that you control and were summoned this turn 200 attack and this can be used once per turn and twice per duel.

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