[Duel Links] Attack of the Tristans

… Tristan Taylor makes his glorious descent upon Duel Links…?

For April Fool’s, Tristan has arrived in Duel Links, but is coding has caused a huge glitch error.

The premise is you Duel him to win exclusive Sleeves and Playmats.

Except. You don’t actual Duel him. You automatically win if you click on his numerous icons and obtain 100 Gold each time you Duel him.

Now why don’t you actually Duel him?

It probably has to do with the fact Tristan’s cards known in the anime are…

  • Cyber Commander
  • Lava Battleguard
  • Command Angel
  • Launcher Spider
  • Sengenjin
  • Super Roboyarou
  • Block Attack
  • Double Snare
  • Garma Sword Oath
  • Rare Metal Soul
  • The A. Forces

Command Angel and Rare Metal Soul don’t exist in real life (and Duel Links uses 100% real cards), and the rest of his cards are well. Nothing you could draw something cohesive from at the moment.

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