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[Duel Links] More on the Arkana Event

It seems to be somewhat in the style of Mokuba’s event.

Basically, Arakana spawns occasionally, and the goal is to beat him a certain amount of times to win various prizes.

You get various prizes for beating him:

  • Once: Chosen One
  • 3 Times: The Stern Mystic
  • 7 Times: 50 Gems
  • Duel 15 Times: Anti-Magic Arrows

As well, he drops the following cards:

  • Dark Magician (Red Artwork) (UR)
  • Dark Eradicator Warlock (SR)
  • Anti-Magic Arrow (SR)
  • Mystic Box (SR)
  • Diffusion Wave-Motion (SR)
  • The Stern Mystic (R)
  • Maniacal Servant (R)
  • Witch Doctor of Chaos (R)
  • Thousand Knives (R)
  • Chosen One (N)


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