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[OCG] SD: Revolver Full Spoiler


SD36-JP001 Silverrokket Dragon (Super Rare)
SD36-JP002 Rokket Tracer (Normal Parallel Rare)
SD36-JP003 Rokket Recharger (Normal Parallel Rare)
SD36-JP004 Exploderokket Dragon (Normal Parallel Rare)
SD36-JP005 Absorouter Dragon (Super Rare)
SD36-JP006 Checksum Dragon (Normal Parallel Rare)
SD36-JP007 Anesthrokket Dragon
SD36-JP008 Autorokket Dragon
SD36-JP009 Magnarokket Dragon
SD36-JP010 Shelrokket Dragon
SD36-JP011 Metalrokket Dragon
SD36-JP012 Rokket Synchron
SD36-JP013 Gateway Dragon
SD36-JP014 Defrag Dragon
SD36-JP015 Background Dragon
SD36-JP016 Labradorite Dragon
SD36-JP017 Iron Dragon Tiamaton
SD36-JP018 Keeper of Dragon Magic
SD36-JP019 Dragon Knight of Creation
SD36-JP020 Keeper of the Shrine
SD36-JP021 World Chalice Guardragon
SD36-JP022 Raiden, Hand of the Lightsworn
SD36-JP023 Borrel Supplier (Normal Parallel Rare)
SD36-JP024 Rapid Trigger (Normal Parallel Rare)
SD36-JP025 Squib Draw
SD36-JP026 Quick Launch
SD36-JP027 Boot Sector Launch
SD36-JP028 Borrel Regenerator
SD36-JP029 Dragon Shrine
SD36-JP030 Return of the Dragon Lords
SD36-JP031 Polymerization
SD36-JP032 Twin Twisters
SD36-JP033 Zero Day Blaster (Super Rare)
SD36-JP034 Gunslinger Execution
SD36-JP035 Red Reboot
SD36-JP036 Link Turret
SD36-JP037 Mirror Force Launcher
SD36-JP038 Mirror Force
SD36-JP039 Magic Cylinder
SD36-JP040 Imperial Order
SD36-JP041 Topologic Zerovoros (Ultra Rare)

SD36-JPP01 Borreload Furious Dragon (Ultra Rare or Secret Rare)
SD36-JPP02 Sawnborrel Dragon (Ultra Rare or Secret Rare)
SD36-JPP03 Borreload Dragon (Normal Parallel Rare)
SD36-JPP04 Triple Burst Dragon (Normal Parallel Rare)
SD36-JPP05 Booster Dragon (Normal Parallel Rare)