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[DP18] Reprint Numbers (Plus Taglines)

Confirming what the numbers of the positions of the Legend Duelist reprints from Yesterday are.

DP18-JP019 The Legendary Fisherman

DP18-JP026 Cyberdark Horn
DP18-JP033 Expressroid
DP18-JP042 Water Dragon

Jounouchi Katsuya:
“Red-Eyes”, now, scorch everything with your black flames!

Kujaku Mai:
The princess’s guidance gives power to the “Amazoness”.

Kajiki Ryota:
The “Sea (Umi)” becomes a torrent, and tells the story of a new legend.

Hell Kaiser Ryo:
The “Dark Cyber Arts” which sought evolution reaches a new frontier.
(TL note: Literally “Reverse/Underside/Back Cyber Style”, essentially referring to underground/secret/forbidden/bad juju techniques. “Dark Cyber Arts” here is our play on “dark arts” and the like, plus, well, “Cyberdark”.)

Marufuji Sho:
Emergency Dispatch! Go, Reborn “Vehicroid” Team!

Misawa Daichi:
Hydrogen and oxygen combine, and the twin-headed water dragon awakens.

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