[OCG] “Speedroid” Promo Concept Poll

Basically a poll to vote on what kind of card the “Speedroid” promo should be.

Basically, Konami is holding a poll on how the promo should be designed.


“Yu-Gi-Oh!” Dream Promo Card Research Club!! Promo Card Concept Vote

Please choose and vote for one of the concepts for the “Speedroid” monster you want to become a future promo card.

  • Option 1: A Low Level Monster That Stabilizes The Deck (i.e. Speedroid Terrortop)
  • Option 2: A Monster That Is Useful As A Synchro Material (i.e. Speedroid Gum Prize)
  • Option 3: A Low Level Synchro Monster That Supports The Mid-Game (i.e. Hi-Speedroid Chanbara)
  • Option 4: A High Level Synchro Monster That Decides Victory (i.e. Hi-Speedroid Kendama)

After pressing the button, you’ll have the poll program ask you to confirm your choice

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送信する = Send Choice

Please keep in mind, that in Japan, players can use two copies of “Speedroid Terrortop”, so any choice for Option 1 must be keep that in mind.

Also, for clarifications of intentions of each of these options, please check our previous article from V Jump.


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