V Jump November 2018 Misc.

A Rental Card and Yugo will be getting a promo.

The Yu-Gi-Oh! brand and major Japanese rental chain Tsutaya are releasing a T Card, Tsutaya’s points card, themed after Yu-Gi-Oh!’s 20th Anniversary.

It costs 1460 Yen, obtainable for Online Purchase starting September 21st, 2018.

Based on the “Choose a Theme to get a new Promo” choice, Speedroid has been chosen to get a new card, with a total of over 3600 votes.

  • 1st Place, Speedroid: 3683 Votes
  • 2nd Place, Harpie Lady: 2443 Votes
  • 3rd Place, D/D: 2207 Votes
  • 4th Place, HERO: 2040 Votes
  • 5th Place, Black Luster Soldier: 1516 Votes
  • 6th Place, Dragunity: 789 Votes
  • 7th Place, Magical Musket: 760 Votes
  • 8th Place, PSY-Frame: 630 Votes
  • 9th Place, Agent: 681 Votes
  • 10th Place, Fire Fist: 567 Votes

For the Speedroid Promo, people will be able to decide what kind of role the new card will play for “Speedroid” Decks.

Option 1: A Low Level Monster That Stabilizes The Deck
Whether it be that the card adds a specific “Speedroid” to your hand, or Special Summons other monsters to the field, to gather Synchro Materials, these are low level monsters who help develop the game early on.

Option 2: A Monster That’s Useful As A Synchro Material
A monster that is a Tuner, or has an effect that Special Summons a Tuner. Also included are monsters whose effects activate when used as Synchro material.

Option 3: A Low Level Synchro Monster That Supports The Mid-Game
A monster you can easily make by arranging the right Levels of materials, it can be made with practically 2 Low Level material monsters. Such a card can also be used as a bridge to the monster(s) that serve as your ace.

Option 4: A High Level Synchro Monster That Decides Victory
More difficult to call than the 3rd option, this card is a High Level Synchro that strongly overwhelms the field on its own with effects that either destroy cards or resist your opponent’s moves.


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