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[OCG] First Scoop at Curse of the Dark

This time with vague descriptions. We cannot provide effects nor stats because Japan did not provide them.

Ankoku no Maoh Diabolos (Diabolos, King of the Abyssal Darkness)

“Diablos has a powerful effect that can Tribute DARK monsters on your field to interfere with your opponent’s hand! Even though it’s a high level monster, it has an effect to Special summon itself easily!”

Akumajou Lilith (Lilith, the Fiend Lady)

“Lilith has a useful effect that can Tribute DARK monsters on your field to use Normal Trap Cards from your Deck easily!”

Ankoku Sekai – Shadow Dystopia – / Shadow Dystopia

“Shadow Dystopia is a Field Spell with the astonishing effect of allowing you to use your opponent’s monsters!” It also supports the new monsters with activating their effects with an effect it has!”

Aku no Deck Hakai Virus / “Ghastly Gloating Virus”
Note: This card is literally “Deck Destruction Virus of Evil”

“The Virus Trap Card can destroy the opponent’s hand and Deck by Tributing a DARK monster that fits the requirements. In addition, if you fit a certain criteria, there’s also an additional effect!”

Side Note: Ghastly Gloating Virus is not so much an accurate translation as it is us trying to preserve the alliteration pattern. Expect it to change when the TCG version of the card comes out for whatever name the TCG gives it. Do not get upset if it changes.



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