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[Lore] “Zombie World” Lore From Master Guide 6

Never leave them until they’ve bit the dust.

Zombie World

The World Of The Immortal Undead Is In The Midst Of A Constant Struggle For Supremacy… …

The land of the undead is a land where “Doomking Balerdroch” and “Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon” continue to struggle ‘to the death’ for supremacy. Their flesh-and-bone struggle continues endlessly because of their own immortality.

The Two Rulers Of “Zombie World”

“Doomking Balerdroch”, who had his eyes on the the great power of the “Red Eyes” of “Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon”, managed to steal the right eye of “Zombie Dragon” at the end of their battle. “Zombie Dragon”, having lost the source of its power, collapsed and fell. In a struggle that seemed to last for eternity, the time had finally come: The balance was broken.

Stole The “Red Eye” Of “Zombie Dragon”

“Zombie Dragon” Who Seeks To Revive

The wounded “Zombie Dragon” absorbs the miasma that fills the air of its world, evolving into “Zombie Necro Dragon”. With its new power, it wages battle with “Balerdroch” once more.

It Becomes “Zombie Necro Dragon” In Order To Strike Back Against “Balerdroch”


Return of the Zombies

“Balerdroch” Expands His Influence And Power

Zombie Power Struggle

Finally, These Two Great Rivals Clash!!


The Residents Lurking In “Zombie World”

The undead miasma that fills the air of “Zombie World” revives all that once lived as the immortal undread.




Glow-Up Bulb


Glow-Up Bloom

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