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Announcing The Return of Duelistgroundz Team Warring is proud to announcing they are starting up their world famous warring circuit again!

Just in time for 2017 WCQ season, duelists will once again get to prove their teamwork and individual skill in’s Team Warring and Individual Ranked Ladders. They support both the current format and the popular “Goat” format. Sign-ups for the initial draft are open until April 27th, so get there while you can! But you are also welcome to sign-up mid-season if you’d like!

Prizes will be given to the #1 team after each season! You might be wondering, if they’re giving away prizes to the top finishers, is there a cost to enter? No, it is absolutely free! You only need a duelistgroundz account, and a Discord account to sign-up, and while you’re at it, you can join us in YGOrganization’s discord server as well. They will also be giving out rating to each individual player, so there will be a public leaderboard for players to show off their individual skills on the site. Your individual rating is based only on the matches that you have won and lost in both Warring and Casual Ranked. And the top rated individual players will also get prizing!

How does warring work? After signups end, you will be drafted a team to play on, similar to the NBA or NFL (you do not form your own team). Wars will take place over a 10 day period, with a round robin tournament structure for each season. Now for some players, one war every 10 days might not be enough of an online Yugioh fix for you. Or maybe you’re really determined to get the highest rating and you want to grind harder. Well for players like that, they also have rated casual matches! Once you sign up, there you’ll find a list of players and their discord names. You can play anyone on that list for rating. A match here won’t count as much towards your individual ranking as much as a match for a war would, but every bit counts.

Their program will primarily be taking place on manual simulators. For details on their prizing model, more information on manuel simulators and why they choose to avoid automated sims or details on other parts of their warring & casual ranked structure, read the pinned threads in their warring forum. Don’t worry, if you’re new to warring, your team leader will tell you everything that you need to know!

Please note that is a separate entity from Duelistgroundz. We do not have any direct involvement outside of people who serve roles on staff of both sites. Those individuals work separately on Duelistgroundz from their work for YGOrganization.

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