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[Deck Recipes / Rush Duel] Sample Decks for “Requiem of Destruction!!”

Sample Decks featuring the Aqua and Beast-Warrior cards from the latest set!

Aqua Deck

The game plan for this Deck is to use the various Dian Ketos to raise your LP to ensure your ability to steadily advance the game state.

3 Dian Keto the Cure Maiden
1 Dian Keto the Boogie Master
1 Dian Keto the Security Master
1 Dian Keto the Kitchen Master
2 Kappa Emperor River Slider
1 Abyss Soldier (LEGEND)
3 Hyousube
3 Tutumes Dark Witch
2 Shoulder Phone Nyan Nyan
2 Rice Terrace Ripple
2 Nuvia the Wicked Mischief Maker
2 Lady of Pumps
2 Splitter Slime
3 Ichthyosteguard
3 Berry Fresh Happiness

2 Rainy City Amegalopolis
1 Bubble Kingdom
1 Yamata no Tsurugi
1 Dolphin’s Treasure Chest
1 Bubblyman Shock!
1 Moisturize

2 Kappa’s Unexpected River Ride Blunder
1 A Kappa Tanned, Rested and Ready

Beast Warrior Deck

The basic game plan of this Deck is to use various cards to fill up the GY, then use your aces to revive strong Beast-Warriors from the GY!

2 Heartless Hound Martial Master Shiba
3 Heartless Hound Thunder Emperor Drainu
1 Beast Gear Sage Roller Stag
2 Royal Rebel’s Heavymetal
1 Nekogal #2
3 Heartless Hound Striking Kai Ken Knuckle
3 Heartless Hound Blade Bulldosu
1 Headhunters Digmole
3 Startup Goblin
3 The Strange Specter of Celestial Severance
3 Amazing Dealer
3 Beast Gear Trike Fox

1 Upstart Goblin (LEGEND)
3 Apocalypse – Beast Gear World
2 Woofderful Heartless Hound
1 Apocalypse – Legend of the Warrior
1 Rage of the Wild Beasts

2 Beast Gear Secret Art – Primal Fist
2 Eternal Freeze



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