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[Deck Recipes] October 5th, 2022

A RUSH DUEL Beast-Warrior Deck featuring “Drilling Tractiger”

[RUSH DUEL] “Apocalypse – Beast Gear World” Deck Featuring “Drilling Tractiger”

2 Drilling Tractiger
2 Beast Gear Sage Roller Stag
2 Savage Claw Tiger
2 Heartless Hound Martial Master Shiba
2 Nekogal #2
3 Heartless Hound Striking Kai Ken Knuckle
3 Beast Gear Moto Wolf
3 Heartless Hound Blade Bulldosu
3 Beast Gear Trike Fox

2 Powerful Pierce!!
1 Pierce!
1 Monster Reborn (LEGEND)
3 Apocalypse – Beast Gear World
2 Apocalypse – The Unstoppable Beast-Warrior
3 Ship of Seven Treasures
1 Hammer Crush
2 Rage of the Wild Beasts

2 Beast Gear Secret Art – Primal Fist
1 Heavenly Rest

New Product Deck: “Ogdoadic” Deck Featuring “Night Sword Serpent”

3 Night Sword Serpent
3 Nunu, the Ogdoadic Remnant
3 Nauya, the Ogdoadic Remnant
1 Flogos, the Ogdoadic Boundless
2 Zohah, the Ogdoadic Boundless
1 Aleirtt, the Ogdoadic Dark
1 Keurse, the Ogdoadic Light
1 Aron, the Ogdoadic King
2 Ogdoabyss, the Ogdoadic Overlord
1 Black Mamba
3 Danger!? Tsuchinoko?
1 Alien Stealthbuster
1 Vennominon the King of Poisonous Snakes

3 Snake Rain
3 Ogdoadic Water Lily
2 Ogdoadic Serpent Strike
2 Ogdoadic Origin
1 Card Destruction
1 Monster Reborn
1 Allure of Darkness

2 Ogdoadic Calling
2 Offering to the Snake Deity

3 King of the Feral Imps
1 Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon
1 Number 41: Bagooska the Terribly Tired Tapir
1 Number 60: Dugares the Timeless
1 Dingirsu, the Orcust of the Evening Star
2 Reptilianne Echidna
2 Alien Shocktrooper M-Frame
1 Cosmic Slicer Zer’oll
1 Knightmare Unicorn
1 Accesscode Talker
1 Underworld Goddess of the Closed World

Master Duel (Diamond Tier 1):

“Swordsoul” + “Tenyi” Deck

Tournament/Competitive Decks:

“Spright” Deck

“Tearlaments” Deck

“Dracoslayer” Deck

[RUSH DUEL] Level 7 Monster Deck

[RUSH DUEL] Level 7 Monster Deck

[RUSH DUEL] “Card Destruction” Deck

3 Royal Rebel’s No Wave
3 Galactica Oblivion
3 Scrubbing Santa Cloth
3 Rhythmical Performer
3 Sevens Road Enchanter
3 Aqua Sorcerer
3 Doriado
3 Straynge Cat

1 Card Destruction (LEGEND)
3 Card Devastation
3 Magical Stone Excavation
2 Secret Order

3 Ultimate Fighting Spirit
2 Dark Revelation
2 Crisis at the Sacred Tower
1 Hardefense Mission
2 Acetic Acid Trap Hole
2 Counter Shield

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