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[Deck Recipes] October 26th, 2022

Lamp Pyro in Rush Duels… and a certain Tiger joins forces with Ancient Gears.

[RUSH DUEL] New Product Deck: Pyro Deck Featuring “Alco the Flame Emperor of the Lamp”

3 Alco the Flame Emperor of the Lamp
2 Dogulce Langue de Chakoki
2 Shock Dragon
1 Chemalize Salamander
1 Royal Rebel’s Heavy Metal
3 Barrier Statue of the Inferno
3 Methyl the Flame Jinn of the Lamp
3 Ethyl the Flame Jinn of the Lamp
1 Anmagmabear
1 Flame Cerebrus
3 Jarmalewe
3 Doctor Redrobe
3 Flame Seeker

1 Graceful Charity (LEGEND)
3 The Noodle Art of SauceryThe Noodle Art of Saucery
2 Hot-Blooded Spirit Stadium
3 Chemicalizer Red
1 Card Devastation
1 Heavy Roller

New Product Deck: “Ancient Gear” Deck Featuring “Fierce Tiger Menghu”

3 Fierce Tiger Menghu
2 Machina Citadel
2 Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon
2 Ancient Gear Golem
1 Ancient Gear Golem – Ultimate Pound
3 Ancient Gear Wyvern
3 Ancient Gear Hunting Hound
2 Ancient Gear Frame
2 Ancient Gear Box

3 Ancient Gear Catapult
2 Ancient Gear Fusion
1 Machine Duplication
3 Urgent Schedule
1 Ancient Gear Fortress
3 Clockwork Night
3 Digit Jamming
3 Geartown

1 Ancient Gear Reborn

2 Chaos Ancient Gear Giant
1 Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem
1 Ancient Gear Megaton Golem
3 Ancient Gear Howitzer
1 Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder
1 Drill Driver Vespenato
2 Gear Gigant X
1 Heavy Armored Train Ironwolf
2 Ancient Gear Ballista
1 Barricadeborg Blocker

Competitive/Tournament Decks:

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[RUSH DUEL] Galaxy + Dragon Deck

[RUSH DUEL] Galaxy + Dragon Deck

Instructor Event Decks:

“Generaider Boss” Deck

“Vaylantz” Deck

“Gladiator Beast” Deck

“Code Talker” Deck

“Speedroid” Deck

Master Duel (Diamond Tier 1):

“Ancient Warriors” + “Kaiju” Deck

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