[Deck Recipes] October 22nd, 2022

A DARK Fairy Deck for Rush Duels, and bare witness to full Ritual Dogmatika!

[RUSH DUEL] New Product Deck: Fairy Deck

1 Darklord Zerato (LEGEND)
2 Agaribel, the Finest Sushi Fairy
3 Watchman of the Apocalypse
3 Arts Angel Metal Position
3 Arts Angel Dia Needle
3 Arts Angel Glyco Razer
3 Arts Angel Guard Dolby
3 Brain Harvester
3 Siesta Torero
3 Shariel, the Novice Sushi Fairy

2 Angel Judge
2 Inside Out Roll
2 Cranked to Ten!!

2 Slash Halo
3 Crisis at the Sacred Tower
2 Acetic Acid Trap Hole

New Product Deck: “Dogmatika” Deck

3 Dogmatika Ecclesia, the Virtuous
2 Dogmatika Adin, the Enlightened
2 Dogmatika Fleurdelis, the Knighted
2 Dogmatika Ashiyan
2 Dogmatika Maximus
1 Dogmatika Nexus
3 White Relic of Dogmatika
3 White Knight of Dogmatika
1 White Zoa of Dogmatika

1 Nadir Servant
3 Dogmatikalamity
3 Dogmatikamacabre
3 Pre-Preparation of Rites
3 Dogmatikatrix
2 Dwimmered Path

2 Dogmatika Encounter
2 Dogmatikaturgy
2 Dogmatika Punishment
1 Elder Entity N’tss
1 Fossil Warrior Skull Knight
3 Titaniklad the Ash Dragon
2 Grand Guignol the Finale Dragon
1 Quintet Magician
3 Herald of the Arc Light
1 Wind Pegasus @Ignister
1 PSY-Framelord Omega
2 Mereologic Aggregator









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